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…the time we have lived and mellowed, and that has been hallowed by the presence of friends, or parents, or by great events, is forever gone; this we keep only in memory…We can keep the old – all except the old time. The old house, the old fields, and, in a measure, the old friends; but the atmosphere that bathed it all – the past days – these we cannot keep.

~ John Burroughs
Journal Entry April 14, 1886

In this rich soil we sow the seeds of life.

~ Ulysses H. Thurmon


I was troubled. I had lost something, maybe not lost just misplaced. You know like your car keys or sunglasses or your wallet. Deep inside you know you haven’t really lost them for all time, you’ve simply misplaced them. You can’t remember where you put them, ‘cause they’re not where you usually leave them. So you set about trying to bring back, relive all the places you’ve been and recreate the last time you had whatever it was you lost.

Now, this can take a bit of doing. You’ve got to calm yourself down a bit, ‘cause you’re probably on the wrong side of aggravation, which ain’t gonna get you anywhere. Once you allow yourself to do this you’ll find one small kernel if information will creep into your head, and then another and another and before long it hits you like a left hook on your blind side. You slap your forehead and go find your keys or whatever it was you were looking for. They’d fallen through a hole in the pocket of that jacket, you forgot you wore, and slipped down and nestled themselves safe and sound deep in the lining. That’s how it works; finding something you fear you have lost.

I got to thinking about when I was a kid, when life was fresh and new and I got to recalling all kinds of stuff, so I started writing it all down on little scraps of paper and on the back of envelopes, even talked some of it into one of those little dictating tape recorders and it was pretty much a mess. Then one day I up and run into this fella and we became friends, you know how it is sometimes, you meet somebody and hit it off instantly like you’ve known ‘em all your life and yet you just met ‘em? Well that’s the way it was with this fella. Turned out he was a writer, good at organizing and putting stuff together and telling stories and best of all he was willing to take a look at all the stuff I’d scribbled down. The result is what you’re holdin’ in your hand, this book. He tells me he couldn’t fit all the stories into this one, think he calls it a trilogy or something like that, at any rate this is the first part of it.

What I found out by going back to where I grew up, was that when I was a kid I’d get up every day couldn’t wait to get up, hated laying around in bed, had to get up and get out and play cowboys or go hiking or exploring or something. I remembered I greeted every day with enthusiasm.

Somehow we lose that as we get older. First we lose our innocence and then we get nervous and insecure and begin to feel we know everything. That’s the dangerous point, ‘cause that’s when we lose our enthusiasm. The moment that happens we begin to die. We might be walkin’ around and laughin’ and talkin’ and doing all sorts of things, but we’ve begun to die. Before you know it we’re looking at life as time lost instead of life gained.

When I was a kid I figured I had all the time in the world, but when you grow up you start thinking about time running out and you get foolish and start chasing it, grabbing onto all the stuff you can think of that will fulfill you, that’ll make you feel you’re more than you are, but it doesn’t.

When I was a kid, the place I came from gave me a glimpse at why the simplicity of living life fully and honestly, finding joy and approaching each new day with innocence and enthusiasm, why placing value on time and life gained not lost, is a blessing that is renewed every day, with every breath we take. Going back I discovered it wasn’t lost, I’d just misplaced it.

Oh, I get troubled now and again, but life is pretty amazing when you realize each day’s a new day. At any rate these are the stories. Hope you like them.

~ David C. Lang

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