What is From The Road?

From The Road is now an internet column enjoying in excess of 10,000 readers weekly. People often ask if From The Road was inspired by Jack Kerouac's On The Road or the Charles Kuralt TV series of the same name.

Kerouac's book stirred the souls of an entire generation, me included, but it was not the inspiration. Charles Kuralt was his generations preeminent storyteller, he possessed a deep love of the "everyman." In that respect I find inspiration, but the true inspiration for my work is Ernie Pyle.

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, columnist Ernie Pyle climbed into a Model A Ford and roamed the back roads of our nation. Fascinated by the little guy, he crisscrossed this country, writing a column a day "from the road." The Depression was a time of great personal struggle and individual triumph for the people of this land and Ernie Pyle was there to seek out and tell their stories.

Current Road Conditions

While our country is not now in the economic depths of the 1930's, personal struggle remains. People today are largely unhappy. They are filled with stress and not certain why or how to purge it from their lives.

They fight to make ends meet, to get by on two incomes. They're up to their ears in debt and told they still don't have enough. They're supposed to be happier, healthier, wealthier, have more, do more, gain more, consume more. They believe it's necessary to have and experience everything, but in their hurried, rush-rush world they fully experience little of what they gain.

They're angry, irritable, argumentative, displeased and stressed out. "I need more quality of life," I often hear them say. They're afraid of law suits, of not having enough money, insurance, retirement or security. They are lost in a Great Emotional Depression. Sound familiar?

Directions & Destinations

Yet, out there, throughout this great land are people, everyday folk who possess great strength and simple wisdom. They are John and Jane Doe, who get on with life simply, in the moment, raise their families and live all the time of their lives. They are proud and courageous, sometimes eccentric, but always rich with life and character. They have dreams and pursue them with enthusiasm. They are the glue that holds this country together and the grease that keeps the wheels turning.

They are you and me and the guy next door. They are men and women, young and old. They're rich and poor and everything in between, and from nearly every culture on earth. They are the unsung heroes and we will celebrate their lives and sing their praises, share their sadness and their joy


We commute, we hop on the Interstate and rush from point A to B with little regard for what's in between. Getting there has taken precedence over the joy of the journey. It is the beauty, the mystery, the uniqueness, the historical character of these places on two lane highways and dirt roads that we'll illuminate and explore.

Information Super Highway

From The Road is now on the Internet. Join us for the journey, it may inspire you to pursue a forgotten dream of your own.

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